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Saving you Time & Money

Calculate the Mailsync Benefit…


letters/reminders/invoices/statements etc

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Mailsync advantages

Save money:

  • Save on maintenance and consumables.
  • Eliminate the cost of paper and envelopes from your office
  • Benefit from seamless e-mail / letter-post delivery options.

Give efficiency:

  • Streamline your mailing process – spend more time on value-adding tasks.
  • Totally scaleable – send 1-10,000 letters, any-time, any-day.
  • Collaborative working – central records of mail sent

Reduce hassle:

  • It is quicker and easier than conventional office mail.
  • Production controls guarantee accuracy.
  • Track mailing of individual letters.

GDPR compliance:

  • Centralised, easy traceability of mail.
  • Returns management, maintain up-to-date data.
  • Industry proven, best-practice, mail production method.

How it works..

Virtual Mailing

Mailsync takes mail production away from users.

Using the Mailsync virtual printer (instead of a local printer), users can send mail in seconds…

Through the Mailsync portal, users can check that their letters have been posted…

… all from a desktop computer, connected to the internet.

Real Letters

Documents destined for letter-post are digitally printed in colour on premium white paper.

All letters are mailed in unbranded envelopes, using Mailsync’s unbranded “PO box” return address.

Try it, to see for yourself…

in 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Contact us to register interest

  2. Discuss how Mailsync would work for you

  3. We setup your Mailsync account & get you working

  4. Receive £25 credit for your first 4 weeks

  5. Use Mailsync & start saving

Contact us for a Mailsync test-drive today…


“I used to spend a couple of hours each week printing, folding, inserting & franking post….

Mailsync is plain easy, whatever the amount of mail I have. I just press “Print” and that’s it done! It has given me more time for other work and
– Makes mailing backlogs a thing of the past.
– Simplifies the recording of postage costs.
– Lets colleagues see evidence of their post being sent.

Mailsync was a good change.”

Kate M. (Belfast).